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Posted in About Us on October 31, 2012 by Envirocell

Envirocell as the name implies, focuses on cellular technologies, Internet use and computing but from an environmental point of view. Here we talk about basics of mobile applications, how they can improve peoples’ lives but also how they present ma
ny challenges, like hazardous waste and Electro-Magnetic radiation.

We also discuss issues of interest like renewable energies, sustainability, and how to save our planet from chocking on its own carbon emissions.

The last topic we explore in Envirocell is not really related to mobile networks or the environment, but rather child protection, from illicit on-line content that is. We added this topic due to the fact that caring for youth; our future should be a global priority.

I hope you find the material here useful, we are willing to do any related writing, presentation or research assignment. We do that free of charge for students and non-profit organizations. Drop us a line and we’ll contact you right away.